Worship and Music

The goal of our Worship & Music ministries is to lead you into the presence of the Lord where you can glorify Him with all your heart. We worship Him with our music of praise for He alone is worthy of all our praise. We listen to God’s word and about how He wants to change our lives. We express our dependence on God by participating in prayers.

Bible readings and meditation (sermons) are the high point of our worship. Holy communion is celebrated on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month.

The Lutheran Church has often been called “the singing church” as the importance and relevance of music in our church dates back to the time of Martin Luther. Here at White Rock Lutheran, music is an integral part of our liturgical Sunday services, as well as a deep source of meaning and joy for our members and friends. Our choirs are the Congregation and the Men's Chorus who loves to sing..